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We are based in Luxembourg and truly understand the life, liberty and the opportunities offered by Luxembourg to its citizens and expats and we are doing our best to fullfill your immigration dreams.

We understand that work permits and visas for Luxembourg can be difficult to obtain due to its time-consuming and complicated procedures. This is why we provide full administrative support to expats and newcomers to Luxembourg during the whole work permit process and act on their behalf as much as we can. In addition, MSK Group will submit all relevant documents on your behalf. This guarantees, that deadlines will be fully respected.

What MSK Group offers to its clients is to be involved in the job search of the applicant by providing advice on how to composite cover letters and resumes. Furthermore, MSK Group is simulating job interviews with the client, if requested.

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How to write a resume

Resumes are complicated and time consuming. But based on our experience we will help you with your resume. With our assistance, you will save time and your CV will be adapted to Luxembourgish standards.


How to write a cover letter

In Luxembourg it is common to ask not only for a resume but also for a cover letter. We will give you professional advice and individualize your cover letter to specific job offers. This will considerably increase your chances to succeed in the competition with other applicants, since employers put a special intention to cover letters.


Job interview preparation

The job interview is probably the most important step you will take in your job search journey - it’s your best chance to show the company and hiring manager that you’re the best person for their job. To help you land your next job, MSK Group arranges job interview tips based on the interview stage you're in.

What we teach:

  • Tactics, how to act in an interview;
  • How to prepare for a video interview;
  • How to prepare for a phone interview;
  • Job interview tips: do's and don'ts;
  • All-time best pre-interview tips;
  • The most common interview questions and best possible answers (examples of the smart answers);
  • What to expect during the interview and have a sense of what you want to focus on during your interview;
  • Help you minimize interview stress, and help you feel more at ease;
  • How to respond on the challenging questions that may come up during the interview;
  • How to improve interview performance;
  • How to make a great impression.
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