Visa for self-employed people

"We found Luxembourg to be a very business-minded environment. The government is accessible and accommodating. It supports the diversification from the financial sector and considers ICT as an interesting sector. Luxembourg has all the advantages of an EU capital, but is also perceived as being independent, neutral and trustworthy. For our business, this is a significant benefit."

               Kurt Kammerer, CEO Regify (trusted e-communications)


Working in Luxembourg has its benefits as a multi-lingual portal to the EU.

Like most EU countries, working in Luxembourg as a non-European requires more effort, paper work and at times determination.

As a non-European, coming to Luxembourg for self-employment for longer than 90 days, you will need to have a residence permit.

Coming to Luxembourg with the idea to start your own business is possible for non-EU citizens.

However, there are certain rules and procedures a Non-EU Entrepreneur shall follow.

While there are permits easily granted through an employer, entrepreneurs can expect their country of origin, education and expertise to play a big part on whether working in Luxembourg is a realistic goal or not.

Entrepreneur - Immigration to Luxembourg
Entrepreneur - Immigration to Luxembourg
  • Highly skilled multilingual and multicultural work force (45% foreigners). Official languages: Luxembourgish, German and French. English is also widely spoken;
  • European Union capital with top GDP performance;
  • Stable business environment and political system as well as easy access to administrations and government;
  • Good ICT infrastructure (mostly Tier IV data centers), logistics hub (5th largest freight airport in Europe);
  • Favorable taxation environment;
  • Interesting location for European and global  headquarters— some examples include Goodyear, ArcelorMittal, Delphi, SES, Amazon and RTL Group.

What we do?

We will support you on every single step of your relocation to Luxembourg
  • Consulting regarding your immigration matter and providing full information regarding Self-empoyed Visa scheme;
  • Preparing your immigration file and proceeding it on your behalf to Luxembourgish Ministries and Consulates;
  • Translations of documents to one of the official languages in Luxembourg, if required;
  • Introducing to the Ministry of Foreign affairs your dossier on your behalf;
  • Personal advisory on opening bank accounts as well as renting/ buying a property, if needed;
  • Assisting on the relocation to Luxembourg and its administrative implications;
  • Providing a temporary accommodation, if needed;
  • Providing you help with the registration at the new commune of residence;
  • Assisting you in converting your driving license;
  • Orientation tour in Luxembourg, if needed;
HNWI - Immigration to Luxembourg


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