Luxembourg finally did it!

Tram in Luxembourg

Free buses, trains and tram for everyone!

From now on!

Free buses, trains and tram for everyone, whether you are a local or a tourist.

One of Europe’s smallest nations with a population of 620.000 has proven once again to be a frontrunner!

The goal is to provide public transport users of today and tomorrow with a reliable, safe and friendly service.

The Luxembourgish government aims to tackle a few problems:

1. Traffic congestion

Luxembourg has a large commuting community of 200.000 people crossing day-to-day the border from France, Germany and Belgium in order to reach their workplace. The wealthy economy of Luxembourg leads to the creation of a vast number of new jobs (annual job growth of 3%). Not surprisingly this development is leading to an increasing traffic congestion in and around Luxembourg-City. In addition to this, Luxembourg has seen a spectacular rising population with a rise of 40% in only 20 years!

Luxembourg Limpertsberg

2. Social measure

Free public transportation is a benefit for everyone. People with a good connection will merge to the use of this free transportation.


3. Environment

The wealthy economy has led to the astonishing situation that Luxembourg counts the highest number of cars per 1.000 with as high as 650!  One aim of the government is simply to make public transportation more attractive and to get cars off the road.

Luxembourg Grund

4. Tourism

To recall the words of Xavier Better, Prime Minister of Luxembourg:

"We believe this belongs to the concept of nation branding. This means people will know that when they visit Luxembourg, they don't need to worry about fares and can simply get on the bus or train and travel somewhere else."

So from now, all tickets will be abolished (except business class in trains), saving on the collection of fares and the policing of ticket purchases.

Here another article about this topic:

The next months and yearly will show if the set goals will be achieved.

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