Invest in Luxembourg and obtain your visa

Investing in Luxembourg and obtaining a residence permit

Luxembourg aims to become a leader in an environment marked by competitiveness and by interdependence amongst national economies.

Since early 2017, Luxembourg offers a specific INVESTOR VISA program for non-EU citizens. This program makes it possible for wealthy non-EU citizens to obtain residency in Luxembourg under certain conditions.

This new exclusive premium-based permit promotes Luxembourg as a destination of choice for international investors looking for a high-end relocation destination with top business opportunities.

Investors who obtained their residency in Luxembourg are allowed to travel visa free through the European Union (EU). The free movement of people is one of the pillar achievements of the EU.


There are three different kinds of investment options for foreign investors wishing to obtain a residence permit in Luxembourg.

EUR 500,000
  • in an existing Luxembourg-based company exercising a commercial, industrial or a craft activity;
  • in the creation of a Luxembourg-based company, which will exercise a commercial, industrial or a craft activity.
EUR 3,000,000

in a management and investment structure, either existing or still to be created, with its registered office in Luxembourg where it must have and maintain the necessary substance.

EUR 20,000,000

in the form of a deposit of funds with a financial institution established in Luxembourg, and with the commitment to keep said deposit for at least 5 years.


Direct taxation

Luxembourg has a tax system which is comparable to that of most other countries in the EU. It taxes the worldwide income of its residents based on a progressive personal income tax rate.

Indirect taxation 

Luxembourg levies the lowest Value Added Tax (VAT) rate in Europe. The standard rate of VAT in Luxembourg is 17%, whereby the super-reduced rate is as low as 3%.

Wealth tax

In 2006, net wealth tax was withdrawn for natural persons, including in the case of their being partners in a sole proprietorship or a transparent company.

What we do?

We will support you on every single step of your relocation to Luxembourg
  • Consulting regarding your immigration matter and providing full information regarding Investor Visa scheme;
  • Preparing your immigration file and proceeding it on your behalf to Luxembourgish Ministries and Consulates;
  • Translations of documents to one of the official languages in Luxembourg, if required;
  • Introducing to the Ministry of Foreign affairs your dossier on your behalf;
  • Personal advisory on opening bank accounts as well as renting/ buying a property, if needed;
  • Assisting on the relocation to Luxembourg and its administrative implications;
  • Assisting in converting your international driving license;
  • Providing a temporary accommodation, if needed;
  • Providing you help with the registration at the new commune of residence;
  • Orientation tour in Luxembourg, if needed.



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