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Luxembourg’s outstanding society feature is its multiculturality.

Almost half of the population of Luxembourg was born outside of Luxembourg and Luxembourg is hosting people from more than 170 different countries, which reflects the international character of the country.

It should be easy for the majority of new expats to get in touch with a compatriot. The welcoming culture of the citizens of Luxembourg gives to expats the feeling of coming home.  

Immigration to Luxembourg
Immigration to Luxembourg

Moreover, quality of life and above all security are the Grand Duchy’s main strengths.

Luxembourg was ranked first in terms of security and 17th for the quality of life in general.

The safety and well-being of the people are priceless especially when it comes to the children of the expats. Furthermore, the social security system in Luxembourg is one of the best, one of the most generous and one of the most comprehensive in the world. The compulsory public health system offers universal coverage and you are free to choose a hospital or doctor for treatment. The compulsory public system guarantees equal treatment to all the patients, regardless of their financial or social status.

What else makes Luxembourg attractive?

According to Eurostat report, employees in Luxembourg received an average hourly compensation of €45. Since 2007, the average salary has grown by 28%, whereas in other EU countries the average hourly salary has decreased (UK and Greece -7% for example).

The average annual gross salary in Luxembourg is more than €65 000 (around $75 000), making it the highest in the world followed by the US and Switzerland. It is little wonder that expats are reporting improvements of personal finances due to their immigration to Luxembourg.


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Luxembourg is also devoted to equality between men and women.

Of all the Member States of the European Union, Luxembourg is the only one to have a ministry which is exclusively responsible for equality between men and women.

The ministry focuses mainly on legal and actual quality between the two genders.

Living in Luxembourg

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