Luxembourgish Classes

Congratulations to one of our clients – today she became a Luxembourger!

There are certain conditions to fulfill in order to receive a Luxembourgish passport. One of these conditions is to know the official language – Luxembourgish.

People ask us usually how difficult it is to learn Luxembourgish language?

Obviously it is very individual but the end-result will definitely worth it because Luxembourgish passport is the BEST PASSPORT in the world (according to Nomad Passport Index in 2018 and 2019).

Our mission it to make it easier for our clients to become a holder of this passport!

That is why we are happy to launch Luxembourgish language classes (Lëtzebuergesch Sprooch) in Luxembourg which will enable you to learn faster the language and prepare yourself for the nationality exams!

Are you interested to join? The first classes will start up in September 2019! Please contact us on if you want to have more information about the courses! We will keep you updated!

Let’s learn Luxembourgish together!

Luxembourg city during a beautiful day in March
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