Number one Passport in the world


Luxembourg is holding once again the number one passport in the world. 

The country grants its citizens a high level of freedom, excellent passport reputation as a country that bothers no one and it is easy for expats to naturalise as a citizen!

Nomad Passport Index 2019

According to Nomad Passport Index, Luxembourg is holding once again the number one passport in the world. 

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Nomad is a tax and immigration consultancy founded in 2012 by serial entrepreneur Andrew Henderson. Mr. Henderson is also the author of the best-selling book Nomad Capitalist

The goal of the Nomad Passport Index is to educate global citizens around the world about the true value of a citizenship. For this purpose, the passport does not only include travel privilege but also other requirements such as to pay tax, live freely, comply with regulations and scrutiny avoidance while travelling. Therefore, the Nomad Passport Index is important for those seeking personal freedom and financial prosperity. The Index ranks passports on five factors :

  1. Visa-Free Travel – 50%;
  2. Taxation of Citizens – 20%
  3. Perception – 10%
  4. Dual Citizenship – 10%
  5. Personal Freedom – 10% 

So Luxembourg has one more time proven its excellency!

With a Total Score of 114 points, Luxembourg ranks first before Switzerland and Sweden with 113,5 points. Belgium ranks 4th (113 pts), France 9th (112 pts), Germany 19th (110 pts), UK 27th (108,5 pts).

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