It is the first Russian-Luxembourgish Study Guide to learn the Luxembourgish language.

You want to know how to successfully pass the language test «Sproochentest Lëtzebuergesch» in order to obtain the Luxembourgish nationality? You want to get a well-paid public job in Luxembourg? Or maybe you just want to learn Luxembourgish for everyday use? Then this tutorial is exactly what you need.

This book will help you to successfully master the Luxembourgish language, prepare for the language exam for obtaining Luxembourg citizenship – «Sproochentest Lëtzebuergesch», and can also be useful to a wide range of individuals studying Luxembourgish for personal interest. Here you will find not only a phrasebook and grammar of the Luxembourgish language, but also the most used words and phrases in Luxembourgish necessary for acquaintance and communication in everyday life.


«Op Lëtzebuergesch, wannechgelift!» consists out of three chapters :

Chapter 1 : lexical and grammatical side of speech, reading, phonetics, a short history of Luxembourgish, dialects writing and the use of the Luxembourgish language.

Chapter 2 : consists of the useful most spoken word-combinations in Luxembourgish.

Chapter 3 : includes phrases and dialogues for everyday communication, which can serve as a guide for you to use it in everyday speech.




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Russian – Luxembourgish

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