English - Luxembourgish and Russian - Luxembourgish classes 2020!

One condition to become a proud holder of the Luxembourg passport is to be able to speak and to understand Luxembourgish. The level of the oral production test corresponds to level A2 and the level of the listening comprehension test corresponds to level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Assessment "Sproochentest":

The oral production test takes place before two examiners who will assess separately the candidate according to :

  • vocabulary;
  • use of basic grammatical structures;
  • fluidity;
  • clarity;
  • interaction;
  • etc.

The listening comprehension test is divided in three parts : a radio news item, an everyday conversation between two people and a discussion or presentation of a specific subject. Candidates have to answer multiple-choice questions by indicating his/her answer on an answer sheet.

More information about the "Sproochentest" can be found here.

Our mission is to support our clients in becoming Luxembourgers!

Marina Kirchens-Sargsian

Immigration to Luxembourg

Once the "Sproochentest" is succesully passed, the candidate can apply for the Luxembourg passport during his/her naturalisation process - if all other legal requirements are also fulfilled.

Beside naturalisation, the law of 8 March 2017 recognises two more possibilities of obtaining or acquiring the Luxembourg nationality by:

  1. simple operation of law;
  2. option.

MSK Group will be pleased to help you to identify what category of obtaining nationality will suit you the most and figure out your concerns on the citizenship process to Luxembourg.

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