Why is Luxembourg a perfect country to stay – part 1

Luxembourg Grund
  1. Introduction

You might ask yourself the question why the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg might be the right country for you to stay? With this series of articles we are trying to introduce you to this interesting country, which is landlocked by Germany, France and the Kingdom of Belgium.

First of all, Luxembourg is a constitutional monarchy and the only remaining Duchy of its kind in the entire world. The head of State is Grand-Duke Henri (full name is Henri Albert Gabriel Félix Marie Guillaume). Furthermore, Luxembourg City is one of the three capital cities of the European Union, besides Brussels and Strasbourg. So, Luxembourg is hosting many European Institutions like the European Court of Justice or the European Investment Bank. Luxembourg is also known for its broad finance industry.

  • Government form

As already mentioned, Luxembourg is a Constitutional Monarchy. This means the country is ruled by Grand-Duke whose power is limited by the constitution. General Election are being held every 5 years, e.g. the country’s 60 deputies are elected for a five-year term. The 60 members of the Chamber of Deputies will be elected by proportional representation in four multi-member constituencies: 9 in Nord constituency, 7 in Est, 23 in Sud and 21 in Centre. The current Head of Government is the Prime Minister and Minister of State Xavier Bettel.

  • Languages

The Grand-Duchy has 3 official languages: Luxembourgish, German and French. In fact, Luxembourgish citizens speak many more languages like English, Portuguese or Russian. This is due to the fact, that Luxembourg has a long lasting immigration background. You will easily find people sharing with you the same mother tongue! Furthermore, Luxembourg ranks among the best non-native English speaking countries in the world (Source: English Proficiency Index EPI). So don’t be afraid of language issues.

  • Safety

Sun, sea and beaches are good arguments to consider if you plan to travel. Yet safety is a very strong argument if you plan to raise your kids, if you want to study or if you plan to live a calm life. When it comes to safety we are proud to announce that Luxembourg always ranks among the safest countries in the world (Institute for Economics and Peace). So you don’t have to panic if you forget to lock your car. A peaceful and respectful environment is a solid basis to succeed in your professional and private life.

  • Geography

Why is this aspect so important. Well, situated in the heart of Europe and landlocked by Germany, France and Belgium, Luxembourg offers a lot of travel opportunities. London is an 1-h flight, Paris – 45 Minutes, Berlin – 1,5h or in Rom and Dublin – in only 2h. Furthermore, due to its geographical location, Luxembourg has great Internet connections and great server response time. This is one reason why the Grand-Duchy could become a major host for data centers. Another reason is, because electrical energy price for industrial customers is very low in Luxembourg. For more information on ICT visit https://digital-luxembourg.public.lu.

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