Why Luxembourg is a perfect country to stay – part 3

Luxembourg is known for being one of the most important financial centers in the World. Furthermore, its fund industrie is the second largest behind the US with an overall volume of management of assets of over EUR 4 trillion.

But Luxembourg is so much more than Banks and other financial institutions. Sure, these institutions contribute to the wealth of the country and they are of a major importance for Luxembourg. And let there be no doubts, Luxembourg is proud of its successful and open minded financial industry, providing solutions and investment opportunities to everyone. The Government and all the people in charge are proudly and strongly defending the position as well as the achievements of the welcoming culture of the financial operateros. Moreover, the financial industry is always finding ways to reinvent itself (see the emission of green funds).

Global players in Luxembourg

But this article is intended to give you a closer insight into the unknown Luxembourg. Therefore, let’s start with a short list of global operators established in Luxembourg providing high quality services and goods :

  1. the biggest steel company in the world called Arcelor-Mittal ;
  2. the largest satellite communication provider in the world SES S.A. providing video and data connectivity worldwide to broadcasters, content and internet service providers, mobile and fixed network operators, governments and institutions, with a mission to “connect, enable, and enrich. What else, SES ushered in a new chapter of space history, being the first to launch a satellite on a SpaceX flight-proven Falcon 9 rocket. Check out ses.lu for more information;
  3. RTL (Radio Télévision Luxembourg) is the leading European entertainment network, with interests in 61 television channels and 31 radio stations;
  4. Amazon is having its European Headquarter in Luxembourg;
  5. Microsoft’s European Headquarter His located in the neighbor building of Amazon in Luxembourg-Clausen;
  6. Skype is since 2003 headquartered in Luxembourg as well (www.skype.com)
  7. Google is in the process of a one billion investment into a high class data center in Luxembourg as well;
  8. All the global Auditing and tax consulting companies such as Deloitte, PwC, KPMG, Ernst & Young, Aredt & Medernach and many more;
  9. Goodyear, designing and producing the tires of the United States presidential state car (called the Beast);
  10. Cargolux Airlines International S.A, is one of the World’s leading cargo airline with an astonishing 1,067,238 tonnes carried in 2017;
  11. DuPont de Nemours Luxembourg s.à r.l. manufactures spunbonded polyethylene, spunbonded polypropylene, thermoplastic polyester elastomer, and thermoplastic polyester resin;
  12. Paul Würth SMS Group is headquartered in Luxembourg as well, making a special focus on mechanical engineering, process engineering and plant layout and it also operates in the Civil & Environmental Engineering business ;
  13. etc.

European Institutions

Beside all of the above mentioned, Luxembourg is also hosting major European Institutions like:

  • The European Court of Justice, which is the European Supreme Court;
  • The European Investment Bank;
  • The European Stability Mechanism;
  • Some European Commission services and the General Secretariat of the European Parliament;
  • The Court of Auditors;
  • Eurostat and others.

As you can see, far from hosting only financial institutions, Luxembourg is also the home for many globally operating companies from different kinds of sectors. Those are good news for job seekers. It does not matter if you are Engineer, Mathematician, IT-expert, Lawyer, Auditor, Architect, Luxembourg is offering to everyone great job opportunities.

The new economy

Third Industrial Revolution

What makes the future of Luxembourg so exciting is the ongoing Third Industrial Revolution, the so called Rifkin process. Initiated by the Ministry of the Economy in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and IMS Luxembourg, the strategic study on ‘the third industrial revolution’ was presented on 14 November 2016 at the Luxembourg Sustainability Forum 2016, in the presence of the main players involved in the project, as well as the American prospective economist Jeremy Rifkin.

According to this model, developed by Jeremy Rifkin, information and communication technologies (ICT) – i.e. communication tools, the Internet, the Internet of Things, etc. -, renewable energy and new means of transport ought to converge in a smart network. The aim of the Third Industrial Revolution is to make the existing economic model more sustainable and interconnected. The Grand Duchy is the first country to embark on this on a national scale.

Space Resources

Another exciting initiative providing lots of opportunities to highly qualified personal as well as to investors is Space Resources! The Grand Duchy is again looking to the stars, or rather to the asteroids and the resources they contain. Since the announcement of the creation of a legal framework for the exploitation of resources in space, the number of companies and stakeholders in the sector that have begun activities in the Grand Duchy has been growing constantly, to such an extent that it is possible to refer to a real ecosystem for space technologies in the Grand Duchy.

The only thing you need to have is the motivation to take your career and your private life to the next level. In Luxembourg you will meet people from more than 175 different countries, working, living and studying peacefully and in mutual respect to each other. You live end experience different cultures at work, in the fitness club or while going to an official event.

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